A great cocktail made using W&W’s own Gertrude’s Gomme

December 18th, 2015
by Wilks & Wilson

Previous posts on this site have discussed the difference between simple syrups and gum syrup (or gomme, as it’s called by its French name).  As mentioned, there are differences between the two.  Gum syrup provides a texture and feeling of silkiness in the mouth not attained by regular syrups.

Gertrude’s Gomme

Gum syrups were a staple to any bartender prior to 1920 and prohibition.   And the gum syrup texture really shines in drinks that fit the classic 19th century definition of a ‘cocktail’.

One great drink in which to use gomme is a Sazerac.  It may be one of the best cocktails in which to experience the textured silky taste of gum syrup.  You may find, after trying a Sazerac made using gomme, that you like it so much you no longer want Sazerac made any other way.

Since Sazerac contains no ice, the gum syrup texture remains undiluted right through to the final sip. There’s just something about the way the gum syrup works with the robust old-world flavors in a Sazerac, especially the anise and lemon twist flavor.

Wilks & Wilson’s very own Gertrude’s Gomme is perfect for your next Sazerac. http://wilksandwilson.com/products/gertrudes-gomme/  Like all our elixirs, it’s made with organic ingredients. And, with gum Arabic or gum acacia, it acts as an emulsifier and is perfect for any spirits-forward cocktail.


Now, here’s a super recipe for Sazerac:



         3 oz. Rye Whiskey

         3/4 oz. Gertrude’s Gomme

         Peychaud Bitters to taste

         Absinthe or Absinthe Substitute

         Lemon Twist for garnish


Mix Getrude’s Gomme Syrup and bitters; add ice and rye whiskey, and stir. Rinse glass with absinthe and discard.  Strain whiskey mixture into an old-fashioned  glass, and then serve.

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