Ideas for a Kickin’ Game Day Bowl Party

January 29th, 2015
by Wilks & Wilson

A BIG football game is the perfect reason to throw a party!  And there’s no better time to do it than during that big Game Day. Decide whether you’re doing a potluck or “going it alone” by providing all the goodies yourself.  Either way, here are some ideas to make your party a sure success.  We’ve broken it down to major parts.

Isn’t this the major reason people go to Game Day parties?  Lots and lots of delicious, indulgent, cheesy and greasy food!

The key here is to make sure your guests arrive hungry and leave full.  Mini foods (chicken wings, meatballs, deli meats) are very much in style for Game Day parties. Easy to serve and devour, place appetizers on toothpicks for a lovely presentation.  Dips (cheese, guacamole, nachos, salsa) are always crowd pleasers. Let your imagination run wild but think “simple and easy”. It on hand!

 wings                             pastrami
Buffalo wings                                                                         Pastrami sandwiches


When it comes to décor, remember, less can be more.  Game Day parties are mostly about cheering and booing together. Décor is secondary to what really matters: food, football, and friends.

If your party is potluck, set up extra surge protectors for all those slow cookers or chafing dishes to keep food warm.

Keep coolers filled with ice and beer and easily accessible. Scatter food around the house on folding tables and TV trays for easy access.  You want to enjoy your own shindig by making sure guests can fend for themselves.

banners                         fingers
Game banners                                                                                  Glitter foam fingers


Washing down your Game Day bites with a cold brew is a given. Craft beers and lagers may be a staple of most parties, but don’t forget about the cocktails.
Bloody Marys are simple to make using Wilks & Wilson’s All Natural Bloody Mary Mixture. And the drink compliments the wings ad appetizers so well!

brew                                    medium mix
Displaying brews creatively                                                            Wilks & Wilson Bloody Mary Mix


Let everyone know about your big Game Day bash by sending out stylish and affordable online invitations. A little research on the web will provide lots of free sources available.  It saves paper and keeps it simple for your guests with easy RSVPs.

Remember, costs in planning a Game Day party can rack up fast.  So, keep it simple. Consider involving others in the planning and entertaining process.  Like the game itself, think of it as a TEAM event.  And, most importantly, have FUN!

From The Wilks & Wilson Blog Team

What foods go well with Bloody Mary Mix?

January 22nd, 2015
by Wilks & Wilson

It’s no secret that our All Natural Bloody Mary Mixture, with the “MIX THAT KICKS!”TM  is anyone’s guarantee for the perfect Bloody Mary creation.  Whether you’re making your drink using the traditional Vodka, or another spirit such as tequila, gin, mezcal, scotch and even beer, it’s our MIX that makes you want more.

The question of what foods go well with a Bloody Mary is often asked. The answer is, just about anything that would compliment tomato juice.   With this being the primary ingredient, a Bloody Mary goes well with just about any breakfast or brunch-related food.

Connoisseurs often accompany the drink with breakfast items, since egg-based dishes pair exceptionally well with tomato drinks.  Vegetable omelets work beautifully. Or even huevos rancheros, which is a Mexican egg dish also made with herbs, spices and peppers, perfectly complimenting the drink at hand.

huevos rancheros
huevos rancheros

Vegetables (on toothpicks) of celery stalks and olives, asparagus, avocados, cherry tomatoes, pearl onions, pickles spears along with assorted cubed cheeses work well.


Spicy meats and bacon – like peppered salami and Canadian bacon, are also favorites.  You can even add Crab-Stuffed deviled eggs to the selection.


But don’t confine your imaginative pairing of this classic drink to just breakfast or brunch. A Bloody Mary is the perfect compliment to a pot of chili, meatballs, a meatloaf, a London broil, steak, chicken, pork (tenderloin or pulled), grilled meats (perhaps hamburgers) crab dips or fish (salmon or  shrimp).

The combinations are endless, but you get the idea.  The truth is, just about any food goes well with a Bloody Mary.

The real secret to a memorable Bloody Mary party lies in the drink itself.

And Wilks & Wilson’s All Natural Bloody Mary Mixture is your best guarantee for a crowd-pleasing experience everytime.

From the Wilks & Wilson Blog Team

The History of the Bloody Mary

January 21st, 2015
by Wilks & Wilson

Of all the classic cocktails, none has a more storied past
than the Bloody Mary.  The drink seems to have begun in Paris at Harry’s New York Bar in the early 1920s. It was there that bartender Fernand “Pete”Petiot was introduced to American canned tomato juice. He began mixing it with vodka and, voilà!, a new cocktail was born.

bloody mary

Seeing the growing popularity of the drink with the post-prohibition Americans, Vincent Astor brought Petiot to the states in 1933 to man the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis Hotel in New York. There, Petiot began adding the devilish seasonings so distinctive to the drink: horseradish, Tabasco, lemon juice and celery salt. The King Cole called it “The Red Snapper”. That name didn’t stick, however, as the “Bloody Mary” cocktail quickly became a favorite of sophisticated New Yorkers and rest of the country.

The origin of the name “Bloody Mary” is shrouded in mystery.  But, two legends persist.  Some say it was a local patron of the King Cole Bar who suggested the name “Bloody Mary” since it reminded him of the Bucket of Blood Club in Chicago, and a girl he knew there named Mary.

Others believe the drink is named after Mary Tudor of England, daughter of Henry VIII, born on February 18, 1516. Heir to the throne of England and raised a devout Catholic, Mary is remembered for the hundreds of Protestants she murdered in the name of Catholicism. Hence, the nickname “Bloody Mary.”

Mystery aside, we’re certain our Wilks & Wilson Bloody Mary mixture will please most ardent fan of this classic cocktail.  Made with natural and organic ingredients, it’s “The Mix that Kicks!”TM .

Contact us for more information today.

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