Wilks and Wilson elixir key ingredient in one of country’s most outstanding cocktails

April 19th, 2013
by Wilks & Wilson

Wilks & Wilson was mentioned in a recent Grub Street New York article, “Cocktail Country: Outstanding Drinks From All 50 States,” as a key ingredient of one of the online publication’s noted cocktails.

According to the article, the drinks honored on the list had to be “original creations made with local spirits, homemade ingredients and infusions, and, above all, attention to detail.”

Called the North Shore Flower, the cocktail originates from Tavern on South, a downtown Indianapolis restaurant and bar. Made with North Shore Gin, which is specifically found in Illinois about an hour north of Chicago, Chase elderflower liqueur and Wilks & Wilson’s Gertrude’s Gomme, the cocktail earned itself a spot among the best.

“It’s nice to see that Indianapolis is being recognized as a legitimate cocktail and restaurant community in the country because it’s been a long time in the making,” Wilks & Wilson Sales Director Scott Lowe said. “It’s just going to grow from here, and it’s all starting right now.

“People have begun to take [cocktails] seriously as a craft.”

Wilks & Wilson, co-founded by Zach Wilks and Gregory Wilson, is a locally-based startup company that specializes in the creation of hand-crafted, all natural and mostly organic infused elixirs. The elixirs are crafted for use in cooking, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and, most especially, cocktails.

Wilks & Wilson elixirs can be found in multiple bars and restaurants and several retailers throughout the Indianapolis area. Visit their website at www.wilksandwilson.com for more information.

Sonar Studios tapped as brand managers for Wilks & Wilson

February 4th, 2013
by Wilks & Wilson

INDIANAPOLIS — Sonar Studios has signed on to take charge in tackling brand management and marketing strategies for Wilks & Wilson, a locally-based startup company specializing in hand-crafted, organic infused elixirs.

Sonar Studiosʼ creative environment is what makes the company ideal for preparing entrepreneurs to make a forward and memorable impression within their industries. Fourteen years of experience has equipped the company with the unique set of skills needed to help a young and growing brand like Wilks & Wilson, “purveyors of fine elixirs,” stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

Having been born out of Sonar Studios, and from having an intimate knowledge of each othersʼ businesses–which includes a long track record and friendship–it was only natural that Wilks & Wilson co-founders Zach Wilks and Greg Wilson, also one of Sonarʼs solution specialists, would take advantage of this partnership.

“We chose Sonar Studios for branding and marketing production because of their proactive approach to the creative process,” Wilson said. “They are able to capture the essence of our products and the passion that we have for cocktails and “mixology.”

“All in all, these are great reasons for us to continue working together.”

Sonar Studiosʼs talented team of solutionists has extensive experience in expressing and fulfilling the brand visions of its clients. The team will serve as Wilks & Wilsonʼs brand managers in taking care of its marketing strategies, creative content and technology, which includes its website and social media.

The strategic relationship between these two companies will be mutually beneficial in that each company will be given the opportunity to expand its reach into each othersʼ industries, ultimately giving each other the chance for further influence and growth. For more information about each company, please visit the Wilks & Wilson Story and www.sonarstudios.com.

Sonar Studios is an Indianapolis-based rich media and application developer that specializes in interactive knowledge distribution. Since 1999, its team of “solutionists” has taken their clientsʼ intellectual property and transformed their message into something emotionally palatable, ultimately creating engaging tools for engaging people by fusing strong creativity with an efficient use of technology. For more information, visit www.sonarstudios.com or call 317-972-4210.