Sir Teddy

Born the son of a merchant sailor in the days of Britainʼs East India Company, Theodore Wallace spent his childhood on ships riding the trade winds of South Africa, Asia and India. It is surmised that it was here where he first witnessed the use of the tonic elixir as a prophylactic against malaria.

Theodore left the life of the sea to pursue a medical degree from Oxford. From there, he became a shipʼs physician for the Royal Navy and, for his “commitment to the health and welfare of his fellow man, and to the Crown,” he was honored as a Knight by Queen Victoria.

Sir Teddy, as he eventually became known, moved to the bustling growth of New York City. There, he was called the “Gentleman of the Night,” often seen walking the streets in his infamous top hat and cane, a lady linked to one arm and his loyal Newfoundland at his other side.

He was also renowned for his Tonic elixir. It was never known, however, if he drank his signature Gin and Tonic for the love of gin or the benefits of the elixir.