Wilks & Wilson- proud to be part of the Indiana Artisan movement

May 20th, 2015
by Wilks & Wilson

The Indiana artisan movement is a vibrant community. It consists of artists specializing in such varied mediums as glass, wood and leatherwork; art work in oils, watercolors, acrylics and colored pencil, jewelry, fiber art and weaving, specialty foods like cheeses, fudge, chocolates, and popcorns; wines and craft distillery products.

Wilks & Wilson is proud to be part of the Indiana artisan movement.  Like other members of this group, we’ve earned a reputation for careful attention to detail, knowledge of our craft and a true entrepreneurial spirit.  Our line of elixirs and mixes reflect an appreciation of the finer, handcrafted cocktails of yesteryear.

Like so many other members of this movement, we’ve proudly reached back in history, scouring the annals of bartending to find the recipes and stories behind the greatest cocktails in history.  Out of this research, we created our elixirs.  

In addition, we’ve taken our skill into the world of bitters. They are the “Bartender’s spice cabinet,” a few dashes of bitters can brighten up a cocktail, add complexity, and tie all the ingredients together.

Like the elixirs, only the finest natural ingredients have been skillfully combined to produce a high quality flavor profile. We can’t say that a few dashes will cure what ails you, but they will certainly make your cocktail well.

Like other Indiana artisans, we’re on a mission.  Our mission is to make all natural, mostly organic products that enable anyone to create a great cocktail. Every cocktail has a story and, with Wilks & Wilson, the story of the handcrafted cocktail will continue to be written with taste and distinction.

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