W&W pays tribute to the wonders of Gum Syrup (Gomme Syrup)

December 18th, 2015
by Wilks & Wilson

Wilks & Wilson’s hand-crafted, organic infused and all natural elixirs, are the perfect choice when mixing that classic, pre-prohibition era cocktail.

A key ingredient of cocktails during that “golden age” of cocktails was gum syrup. Also known by the French name of gomme syrup, it is not to be confused with what is commonly called simple syrup.  While you may certainly substitute simple syrup for gum syrup, doing so will sabotage and “mute” the overall experience intended with such a classic drink.

Gum syrup, in reality, doesn’t have any flavor at all.  Other than the sweetness and nuances of flavor from whatever sugar you use, it’s flavorless.

So, you may be thinking about now…

What is the big deal about making sure a classic cocktail uses real gomme syrup if it’s actually flavorless?”

The answer is…gum syrup isn’t about how it tastes, it’s about how it feels!

You see, gum syrup consists of a 2:1 ratio of simple syrup mixed with gum Arabic.  Also called gum acacia, this natural substance was originally intended to prevent the sugar syrup from crystallizing, but it also gave the syrup a silky-mouth feel.

So, remember this…all syrups are not created the same.

At Wilks & Wilson, you will find gum syrup is our Penelope’s Pineapple Gomme, Gertrude’s Gomme, and Rosabelle’s Raspberry Gomme. And, like all our elixirs, they are ideal for pre-prohibition drinks and craft cocktails.

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