Genevieve Boulanger was born the daughter of a French baker in a small Southern France village. Other than that, not much is known of her early childhood. Under unknown circumstances, Genevieve fled a convent in France and worked as a hired hand on a pomegranate farm at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain.

Genevieve was a lively, spirited girl who seemed to attract suitors from all over the region. They would travel miles just to catch a glimpse of this rich beauty.

But, after seducing them with her pomegranate grenadine elixir, Genevieve would spurn them all. She moved to the United States sometime in the late 1800s, where she later married a banker in Boston.

Despite learning to live the life of a cultured lady, Genevieve still had a tart and vivacious quality to her. She was well-known for her grenadine elixir that could sweeten any drink, just as she sweetened any room she entered.